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date: September 6th, 2000

name: Mica

from: The goop under your kitchen Sink! actually, South Dakota... but is there a differnce?

website: Cracked Shell Productions

email: TurtleGal9@aol.com

comments: WOW! AWESOME PAGE! KIK ASS! hee hee. great concept, very origanal! I like i like!!

date: September 7th, 2000

name: Wendy

from: Ohio/USA

website: Wendy's TMNT Page

email: psfikas@aol.com

comments: I love your fics. Please put up more soon!

date: September 7th, 2000

name: GreenWillow

from: Second star to the right and straight on til morning.....

website: GreenWillow's TMNT Lair

email: grnwllo@jps.net

how did you find this site?:

comments: Hi Amanda! I'm so glad you decided to "go public" with your site. Very nice-- I love your lady turtle character drawings-- and the squishy dots.<G> Well, you know I like the one fic I read, and I will be back for more. ~GreenWillow

date: September 7th, 2000

name: NyarBlue!

from: the land of nyar

website: The Sewer Den

email: blue@thesewerden.8m.com

comments: Nyar! Great page! I still love your pics...and your fics! When's the new part of the TMKT story gonna be done? *nagnag* I also like the new profiles you added. Kewlie!

date: September 8th, 2000

name: Quartermane

from: Harlingen, TX

website: Mikeys TMNT Page

email: cyborgdon@aol.com

comments: Great site! I love it. For some reason I had missed the whole TMKT phenomenon when it first debuted ;o) !!! Get a pic of the girl's master up soon... that should be interesting! Keep up the good work!

date: September 8th, 2000

name: ~TOKKA >[+]

from: OOO..ESSS..Ehhhhh

website: TOKKA'z KriB!!

email: TOKKAb2@collegeclub.com

comments: **********GRrrr..stoopit poopy guest booky sign TOKK off before me get to say. ..PWETTTY,SLICK,SWEET..n' happee..me like HAPPY KAWATE!! YIPPY..Dem look TASTEY!! =P ..NUMMY..hmm.. .. ..yoo sound tastey too!! =) ..can me eet YOO?? >=) GRRHHAHHAHHAHAHAAA!! ~TOKKA >[+]

date: September 16th, 2000

name: Phishtar

from: Cold, rainy Vermont

website: Phishtar's Phabulous Phan Phiction

email: phishtar@hotmail.com

comments: What a great page! Good-looking, well-organized, and I LOVE your fan art! The fic's off to a good start (several good starts, I guess), too... glad I stopped by! Ny

date: September 21st, 2000

name: Dana

from: Tennessee

website: Dana's Domain

email: hoverbug@home.com

comments: hey amanda! awesome site! took me awhile to sign, i know, but it is cool! great art & stories, can't wait to read more! aren't girl ninjas the best? lol! i've got the TMNK on my page in case you did't know. it's greaaaaaaat..ok, ttyl :D

date: October 18th, 2000

name: Salvador

from: Xibalba

email: zeke_tuvai@yahoo.com

comments: Hello its me...heh heh...anywho...your art is good...very very good...uhmm...i cant think of much else to say...cuz i write this late at night and im in need of sleep :p -Sal

date: November 22nd, 2000

name: ***Kemberlee***

from: Canada

email: kj-pinay@asianavenue.com

comments: Great page!!!!!

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